2022 High School Photo Contest

Grand Prize Winner

C. Cooper

Category Winners

1st Place


C. Cooper

This image is my personal favorite among so many wonderful images. The reason it won is because of its simplicity. This bold, clean, simple image stays in my memory with time. The subtle tones lead our eye right into the eyes of the owl. It speaks directly, without any distractions and yet there is an element of surprise and wonder. The composition is well balanced and not cropped too tightly. Because of the framing behind the grass, there is an evocative and mysterious element. Eye contact is important and while the grass hides part of the owl, her eyes are sharp and unobstructed. This is a mesmerizing image that I would want as a fine art print and stood out as the clear winner.

Ami VitaleNat Geo, Wildlife, Documentary Photographer
1st Place


L. Mullins

I love the flow in this image, from the tracks to the riders, a wonderful whimsical image that captures a sense of transient passage and timeless beauty. The fog creates a strong mood, the use of three main subjects balances the image, and the overall composition is breathtaking.

Forest WoodwardLifestyle, Sports, Editorial Photographer
1st Place


E. Bliven

After looking repeatedly at all the images that were submitted (and there were many amazing ones!), this is the one that jumped off the screen at me every time I went through the gallery, and stuck with me when I walked away.The found light placement is so compelling. The inclination when photographing people is to get them in "perfect" light. Light that shows all their features distinctly--I love that the artist chose not to. It makes for a much more interesting story. I also love the directness of her stare, and her hand to her neck. It feels like a true moment in time, and leaves me wondering what happened just before...and what's coming next.

Inti St. ClairPortrait, Stock, Commercial Photographer
1st Place


T. Buzy

This is a beautiful, polished image that I could see framed and on the wall in someone's home. It captures a fleeting moment in time, with the steam rising up off the water and the light illuminating it from the side. The textures in the water are also highlighted beautifully with the angle of the light. There's a wonderful balance of light and dark in the image, not only from left to right, but also between the different elements present in the image. The black and white edit is perfect, with deep blacks and white whites, highlighting the moodiness and really helping to convey the feeling of cold in the scene.

Pei KetronTravel & Mobile Photographer, Educator